RealPlayer for Mobile Devices

RealPlayer for Mobile Devices S60 (2nd Edition) 2.4.5a2

Access multimedia content on your mobile


  • Supports streaming and downloadable content


  • Not such a common format these days


RealPlayer for Mobile Devices allows you to play streaming media content on your mobile phone.

The player, which works with Symbian Series 60 2nd Edition phones, is technically no longer supported by Real, but the downloadable file will still run on these devices.

Using RealPlayer for Mobile Devices you can access streaming and downloadable multimedia content from the internet, or by syncing your device with RealPlayer for PC. Technically, it's probably more straightforward to use the desktop version of RealPlayer to convert Real files for use on your mobile. However, RealPlayer for Mobile Devices is still useful for enabling Real support on older devices.

Although the format is now somewhat out of fashion, RealPlayer for Mobile Devices will allow you to access certain media content on your Symbian handset.

These days, everyone is on the go. And they want to take their media with them. Real is making this a reality with RealPlayer. By using RealPlayer, consumers can access streaming or download content via wireless LANs and next generation mobile networks, or simply by synching content to their device using RealPlayer on the PC. It’s easy and it’s mobile.

Key features of RealPlayer include:

  • Playback of RealAudio, RealVideo and 3GPP compliant content via streaming or download
  • Seamless integration with RealPlayer for PC
  • Access to news, sports and entertainment updates
  • Access to downloadable content including music videos, travel guidance, auto reviews
  • And much more...

Get streaming media content on your cellphone with RealPlayer for Mobile Devices.

RealPlayer for Mobile Devices


RealPlayer for Mobile Devices S60 (2nd Edition) 2.4.5a2

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